Allows training course participants to develop real confidence in using extinguishers

Fire Rig Training

There’s nothing like facing a real fire when carrying out fire extinguisher training and that’s what our live fire rig provides

Fuelled by propane, the fire rig produces a waist-high fire in a safe and controllable way (the flames can be instantly cut off by the instructor) which allows training course participants to develop real confidence in using extinguishers and putting out small scale workplace fires that might otherwise see the workplace destroyed.

NWMS offer a range of fire training courses (see opposite) with or without the use of the live fire rig, but feedback from trainees when the live fire rig is used is always very positive.

Use of the live fire rig requires a level firm external surface area with a minimum size equivalent to five car park spaces.

The area needs to be not near combustible/flammable sources, air intakes etc. and pass our on-site risk assessment.

Give your employees confidence in fire extinguisher use.

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NWMS Fire Training Courses

Fire Warden/Fire Marshal Course

The fire warden course is a 2-2¼ hour course including a short end of course assessment.

Using a range of delivery methods, it helps to ensure that you have sufficient trained staff to meet your legal obligations.

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Practical Fire Extinguisher Course

A 40-minute classroom based preparation followed by up to 1 hour of practical fire-fighting using the fire rig.

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Full Fire Safety Course

A half day course combining the fire warden/marshal and practical fire extinguisher courses to fully equip your staff with the knowledge and skills required to maintain fire safety and effectively deal with fire emergencies in your workplace.

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