Inspections and reports start from only £220 + VAT.

Fire Door Inspection

The Grenfell Tower Fire tragedy has highlighted in a stark way the key role played by fire doors in fire safety

Fire doors are part of a building’s structural safety ensuring that fire (and in some cases smoke) will not spread to other parts of the building for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or more.

Yet fire doors can be damaged in a matter of seconds and through wear and tear or poor installation, the life critical protection they are designed to provide can be fatally compromised.

NWMS have Building Research Establishment trained Fire Door Inspectors who will catalogue and thoroughly inspect every fire door at your premises and provide you with a report on the condition of the fire doors and whether they are fit for purpose.

Quotes can be provided quickly based on the number of doors to be inspected but inspections and reports start from only £220 + VAT.

Self-help on Fire Doors

If you are not sure whether the general condition of your fire doors passes muster, then there is a lot of useful free information on Fire Doors using the links below.

If after looking at these guides you are concerned, contact NWMS for advice.

ASDMA Best Practice Guide to Timber Fire Doors, December 2014

Click to visit their website

BWF – Certifire Best Practice Guide – Timber Fire Doors and Doorsets, 2016

Download PDF

Door and Hardware Federation Code of Practice: Hardware for Fire and Escape Doors, Issue 4, November 2012

Download PDF